Despite growing up in the leafy suburbs of London, England, Dan always knew that his calling lay further afield. After graduating from the University of Bristol with a major in Zoology and a minor in Physiology, he married his passion for travel and wildlife into one career. It wasn’t long before his ambitions became reality, and at the tender age of 22, found himself on a remote desert island, surrounded by dragons, and entrusted with a year long production of a documentary for the Discovery Channel..


Bitten by the tropical bug, Dan ended up living in Bali, Indonesia for almost 20 years, during which time he was fortunate enough to visit some of most remote places on earth, and had the sort of experiences that would sound far-fetched, were it not for the photographs he shot along the way.


Pygmy tree cannibals. Neolithic tribes. Horseback bloodsports. Shamans and sorcerers. Whale hunters and shark tamers. Tales from the age of discovery, but from a world rapidly disappearing.


During these same years, Dan established his own creative agency in Bali, capitalizing on the fast growth of contemporary tourism, and opened 2 separate restaurant chains, each with fun and whimsical branding that facilitated their rapid growth.


These seemingly separate careers - photography, writing, design, marketing and branding  - equipped Dan with a unique and eclectic skill set. He has used these to spur his extensive achievements, culminating in overseeing the extraordinary growth of Vital Farms in the five years that he has been in charge of brand development, design and communication, with the most important metric as this: the company has gone from $5M in annual sales to $150M. Single handedly, Dan turned a commodity product turned into an iconic lifestyle brand.


Dan is able to communicate freely and comfortably in any medium, and brings a creative flair and clarity to everything he does, whether it be punchy ad headlines, stunning photography, crisp visual design, or compelling narratives. With a sharp intellect and deep passion for everything he does, Dan is a creative force of nature.